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The front nine is slightly shorter than the back but by no means easier. With spectacular views of the Kaimai Ranges, the course winds along some challenging water features before making its way towards the residential subdivision and then back to the Country Club.

The back nine heads out from the Country Club to the far end of the course where it’s slightly more open and has views of the harbour. Here you will face some challenging but rewarding holes before returning to the Country Club so you can replenish and refresh yourself in our café and bar.



Fairview Golf Club has been undertaking some major golf course improvements since mid-February 2017. This sees a new layout to Holes 1-5, drainage and irrigation works to the lower holes and planting throughout the course. These works are being done in conjunction with 'The Drive' subdivision works. During this we will be operating an 18 hole composite course with the full course to open in January 2018.

The above course map shows the Fairview Golf Course improvements which will be commencing mid February 2017. Plan is indicative only.


Hole #1 – New tees will be constructed slightly ahead of the existing tees which will open up the view of the first hole and allow a more favourable landing area. The bunkers on the right of the existing green will be removed and the surrounding area will be regraded to form the main part of the new fairway. A new green will be constructed near the current #2 tees, this green will be larger and more receptive to incoming shots.

Hole #2 – the existing hole #2 will be eliminated and the second hole will be the old third hole played from a new set of tees. The bunkers on the left side will be eliminated and a new bunker constructed on the front right side of the green.

Hole #3 – The alignment of this hole will be slightly left of how the current #4 plays however a large portion of the pond will be filled in and converted to fairway. Essentially this is a completely new 350m par 4 with a generous new fairway, no bunkers and a new green set in amongst a hillside with native planting.

Hole #4 – This is a completely new 167m par 3 playing across water with generous bail-out areas to the left of the pond. The green will be quite long and set up with a favourable approach allowing you to run the ball onto the green.

Hole #5 – Playing back to the existing #5 green with a new set of tees and a new pond down the left side of the boundary. The alignment of the hole will be slightly right of the current hole making for a soft dogleg left. The right greenside bunker will be eliminated opening up a new angle on the right.

Hole #10 – The orientation of the tees will be adjusted to aim further left and some trees will be removed down the left side of the fairway. A fairway bunker will be placed down the right side and native plantings will be incorporated into the mounding behind the bunker.

Lower Holes

  • A series of mounding and wetland areas will be added in between holes #12, 15 & 16. This will help to visually separate these holes as well as add an element of interest with native plantings. The wetlands will also help improve the drainage of the lower holes.
  • The #16 tee will be raised to create a starting platform, breaking up the tee and fairway.
  • Mounding and swales will be added behind the #15 green.
  • The #14 hole is also under review with the possibility of extending the size and reshaping the green, adding planting and adjusting tees. The #14 works are yet to be confirmed and will be finalized when the golf course designer arrives for his final design visit in early January.
  • We will also be starting Stage 5 of our irrigation which will be for the 16th green and 17th tees. This should be completed early January.

Throughout these works the course will continue to operate as both a composite 9 and 18.


The below course summary is accurate to the current course before the 2017 completed improvements. During the improvments some there may be some variations, closed holes and temporary holes.

Men Black Par 72 6,148 metres Course Rating 72.1 Slope 120
  Blue Par 72 5,847 metres Course Rating 70.3 Slope 116
  White Par 72 5,445 metres Course Rating 68.3 Slope 115
Women White Par 73 5,445 metres Course Rating 74.2 Slope 124
  Yellow Par 73 4,918 metres Course Rating 70.5 Slope 117


Men Black Par 4 292 metres Stroke 8
  Blue Par 4 290 metres Stroke 8
  White Par 4 277 metres Stroke 8
Women White Par 4 277 metres Stroke 12
  Yellow Par 4 256 metres Stroke 12

The raised tee gives you a view of the upcoming five holes highlighting the challenging location of the water features ahead. Best played down the right side to allow the natural contour to bring your ball back to the centre. Aim right of centre to allow for the natural falls of the green.


Men Black Par 3 178 metres Stroke 10
  Blue Par 3 178 metres Stroke 10
  White Par 3 137 metres Stroke 10
Women White Par 3 137 metres Stroke 18
  Yellow Par 3 125 metres Stroke 18

A deceptively long par 3 with bunkers waiting for your ball either side of the entrance to the green. Take the prevailing sou’wester into account if it’s blowing.


Men Black Par 4 337 metres Stroke 12
  Blue Par 4 335 metres Stroke 12
  White Par 4 281 metres Stroke 12
Women White Par 4 281 metres Stroke 14
  Yellow Par 4 243 metres Stroke 14

Decision time, to lay up or attack beyond the water, with bunkers waiting. If laying up an inviting second shot to the green awaits, keep the ball to the centre or left of this two tier green.


Men Black Par 5 443 metres Stroke 14
  Blue Par 5 442 metres Stroke 14
  White Par 5 428 metres Stroke 14
Women White Par 5 428 metres Stroke 2
  Yellow Par 5 404 metres Stroke 2

How confident are you feeling? Water to the left short and to the right long. Once past this the green invites you ‘to have a go’ but remember a pond awaits on the left and it’s out of bounds to the right.


Men Black Par 4 344 metres Stroke 4
  Blue Par 4 341 metres Stroke 4
  White Par 4 332 metres Stroke 4
Women White Par 4 332 metres Stroke 10
  Yellow Par 4 278 metres Stroke 10

A gentle dog leg right, a ball left of centre over the crest will gently roll back to the centre of the fairway. An inviting green in a natural amphitheatre gathers your ball in after clearing the bunkers to left and right of the entry line.


Men Black Par 5 487 metres Stroke 18
  Blue Par 5 463 metres Stroke 18
  White Par 5 435 metres Stroke 18
Women White Par 5 435 metres Stroke 4
  Yellow Par 5 409 metres Stroke 4

An elevated tee invites a big hit to a spacious fairway. A narrow water hazard to the right for the second shot ensures the dog leg is played. A generous green awaits the final shot of this par 5 but out of bounds tracks down the right.


Men Black Par 4 308 metres Stroke 16
  Blue Par 4 307 metres Stroke 16
  White Par 4 291 metres Stroke 16
Women White Par 4 291 metres Stroke 6
  Yellow Par 4 277 metres Stroke 6

Water borders the left of the fairway with a pond awaiting any slice to the right. Easily reached in two so relax and do not force the shots to the inviting large green which awaits.


Men Black Par 4 318 metres Stroke 6
  Blue Par 4 316 metres Stroke 6
  White Par 4 300 metres Stroke 6
Women White Par 4 300 metres Stroke 8
  Yellow Par 4 271 metres Stroke 8

Course management to the fore, water to the left and out of bounds to the right. The fairway banks off to the right of the fairway to gather balls in. Another green helped with banks to the left and right but falls away to the rear.


Men Black Par 3 162 metres Stroke 2
  Blue Par 3 147 metres Stroke 2
  White Par 3 145 metres Stroke 2
Women White Par 3 145 metres Stroke 16
  Yellow Par 3 101 metres Stroke 16

Plays uphill back to the clubhouse. Only a par 3 but allow for the elevation and prevailing winds if blowing and a large bunker front left, pot bunkers right of the green and out of bounds to the right.


Men Black Par 4 311 metres Stroke 15
  Blue Par 4 307 metres Stroke 15
  White Par 4 292 metres Stroke 15
Women White Par 4 292 metres Stroke 17
  Yellow Par 4 223 metres Stroke 17

A wide welcoming fairway, but the longer you are the narrower the second approach shot if you are offline. A generous flat green awaits.


Men Black Par 3 156 metres Stroke 13
  Blue Par 3 151 metres Stroke 13
  White Par 3 148 metres Stroke 13
Women White Par 3 148 metres Stroke 15
  Yellow Par 3 141 metres Stroke 15

A short par 3 inviting you to attack the pin. The water and a large bunker to the left are the only distractions.


Men Black Par 5 571 metres Stroke 11
  Blue Par 5 471 metres Stroke 11
  White Par 5 435 metres Stroke 11
Women White Par 5 435 metres Stroke 5
  Yellow Par 5 431 metres Stroke 5

The start of the challenging long holes. From the elevated tee take in the layout of the next five holes so you can plan your route tee to green noting the water and contours. On the tee this par 5 rolls out before you, use the generous fairway to help you gain the advantage but beware the out of bounds to the left of the raised green, the deep bunker to the right and a hidden trap long left.


Men Black Par 3 201 metres Stroke 7
  Blue Par 3 170 metres Stroke 7
  White Par 3 135 metres Stroke 7
Women White Par 3 135 metres Stroke 13
  Yellow Par 3 84 metres Stroke 13

A long par 3 played over a river with bunkers to both sides of the green for long hitters. For higher handicappers this is easier than it appears as you may be playing to the green with your second shot.


Men Black Par 5 597 metres Stroke 3
  Blue Par 5 548 metres Stroke 3
  White Par 5 496 metres Stroke 3
Women White Par 5 496 metres Stroke 1
  Yellow Par 5 450 metres Stroke 1

This par 5 is often considered the signature hole of the course with breath taking views to the ranges and back to the harbour. From the tee the landing zone looks narrow with out of bounds to the left and water to the right. Do not force the shot, the fairway is wider than you think. Play this hole to your capabilities and putting out will be a pleasure.


Men Black Par 4 407 metres Stroke 1
  Blue Par 4 367 metres Stroke 1
  White Par 4 367 metres Stroke 1
Women White Par 5 367 metres Stroke 7
  Yellow Par 4 360 metres Stroke 7

Another daunting hole from the tee but there is generous fairway ahead so play to the left of the fairway to take the river out of play. The swale across the fairway only catches out the longer hitters in the winter months so good course management will tame this long hole.


Men Black Par 4 386 metres Stroke 5
  White Par 4 336 metres Stroke 5
  Blue Par 4 367 metres Stroke 5
Women White Par 4 336 metres Stroke 3
  Yellow Par 5 360 metres Stroke 3

The last of the long holes with the widest hazard free area from any tee. Manage the swale and the green beckons. Two bunkers to the left and one to the right will require the attention of the long hitters so this two level green demands respect.


Men Black Par 4 300 metres Stroke 17
  Blue Par 4 299 metres Stroke 17
  White Par 4 271 metres Stroke 17
Women White Par 4 271 metres Stroke 11
  Yellow Par 4 243 metres Stroke 11

An uphill blind par 4 requires an act of faith as you hug the bank to the left of the ridge. A good tee shot rewards all players. When you rise the crest you are greeted by a green tucked slightly to the left with a stream to the front requiring the attention of the shorter hitter.


Men Black Par 4 350 metres Stroke 9
  Blue Par 4 348 metres Stroke 9
  White Par 4 339 metres Stroke 9
Women White Par 4 339 metres Stroke 9
  Yellow Par 4 295 metres Stroke 9

The club house beckons but beware the water hazard down the right of the fairway and the pond long front. Respect this hole and it will reward you. The bunker short right of the green is balanced by the banking to the right and rear of the green. Go left and you’ll face a challenging final approach to a friendly putting surface.

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